Friday, January 14, 2011

Tutorial: Your truly 2min needle jar

You do not need to worry that you will see your needles lying on your craft tables! Not anymore!As it looks so awfully good in the glass jar and it makes absolute decoration on the table.

But wait, why is there a need to place your needles in the glass jar?
1. Stay out of reach for children and pets.
2. Protect the needles.
3. A reminder for you to put all your needles in the jar after your project. (Normally you give a nasty look at all the small pieces of leftover fabrics ... and you will clean them up.. so eventually you will clean your entire craft table after crafting! haha! *I assume you're like me)

1. Any jar. Preferably a small and tall jar.
2. Unused yarn

1. Coil the yarn around your fingers.

2. Estimate the amount of yarn that is needed to fill the jar.

3. Tie around the loose yarn that you have coiled.

4. Now stuff them into the jar.

5. Completed! You have just completed your needle jar, and now it is now ready to be used!

Here comes to the end of my first tutorial.
Hope you enjoy reading it!

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