Monday, January 17, 2011

Gardening time again!

I have started my second round of gardening, despite the first round of gardening was a total failure :(

The causes for the failure of the 1st round of gardening:
  1. As i stay at the most southern part of taiwan, wind chill is my weekly visitor (Typhoon will visit me 3-4 times a year). So i decided to plant my veg indoor (using long shape pots). But my plants did not manage to get sufficient sunlight for their growth.
  2. I didn't press the soil well enough before i place in my seeds, it causes the soil to fly all around the room.
  3. I didn't place my seeds in order (You got to use a tool, or a finger to create holes at the compact soil. So that the plant or veg will grow in an orderly manner. This is also to ensure that all veg have the same amount of water, nutrients and growing space)
  4. The pots are too small so all of them topple. (Yes! even a yard long pot was being topple by the wind)
  5. I went taipei for a 5 days holiday, without watering my plants and it all died :(

So this time round, I have ensure that i have no long holidays ahead and the seeds are properly planted! I have replace my pots to styrofoam box, so that it is heavy enough to withstand the strong wind chill. And now i can place them at the balcony!

Wish me good luck! :D

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