Friday, July 29, 2011

My Quilt Pattern

After completed making my third eco bag, I move on to qulit making.
Which i always wanted to!

Yea, always wanted to, but forever not starting.

No more procasinating JONI.
Time for some serious stuff. HAHAHA.

TREE will be the main design for my quilt.
I love trees, there are so much things we could learn from them.
Such as their determination to grow, their big hearts for giving habitats to animal and their contribution to mother earth and mankind.

I also wanted the quilt to portray trees in the different seasons.

During the spring time, the birds return and are chipping away.
During the summer time, the squirrels and the hare are running about.
During the autumn time, the leafs are changing color.
During the winter time, the snow is falling.

This will be the prototype of how my tree looks like.

Sorry for the color, cause i was working in my living room, where my living room uses warm lighting.

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