Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Eco craft bags

Finished my third eco craft bag, which is also my top favorite bag.
I love the both the size and the design.

Designed by 菊川靜香
I can place my phone, wallet, keys and my umbrella in it :D
The first day I bought it out, people commented that my bag looks cute.
Hahaha, after hearing their comments, everything is worth it!
I also got quite a number of good comments from my facebook fan page.

Here are my previous 2 eco crafts project:

Designed by 荒関まゆみ
This is an awesome bag!
For the pass 3 months, wherever i go, I will use this bag.
I can place whatever things i want into the bag. The size of it is fantastic.
Like bringing my iPad out for a coffee break.
Like a day shopping trip, where i will stop spending once my basket is full.
It really happens! I will go to the craft shop and i will tell the lady i can only buy "my basket" amount of stuff.

Is a good method, at least it works for me! Like normally i will pick maybe 10 fat quarter, after having this constraint, i can only buy 6 fat quarter. Which makes my decision better. :D

Designed by 佐藤千夏 (Chika)
Love this picnic basket.
Thou i have yet to bring it out for a picnic session, but it is currently used to hold my fat quarter for my next quilting project.

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