Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blue mountain anyone?

I am back from my holiday with the dumbos! (Fel and June i mean)
Feel great to be back home hugging my husband and XX after my 6Days tour.

Now i know i can't really enjoy myself without them by my side.

Trip with Fel and June was great.
Shopping. Food. Shopping. Everyday!

I hope that i can make some effort to post the pics. (Then my in-law might ask me why i didn't post theirs. SO.. ... hmm.. .. Let see. hahaha)

Got 100grams of blue mountain for des as pressent.
Yes. 100grams. It cost me approx 25SGD.

It really taste good!
Better fragants if i am to compare it to the one that we are drinking now.

Des made a cup and we share.
Taste really good.

We love blue mountain!

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