Saturday, January 1, 2011

Habbit ♥ Heatbeat

Let's welcome, Habbit!
She is born on 31th December 2010 new year!! What a awesome 2011 new year gift :)

I gave her a name Habbit (It should be pronounce as heartbeat.)
I wanted to embroidery her little pink nose to be heart shape. Won't the idea be cute? hee hee.. However during the procedure of making her, I missed her nose a little :( So afterall it didn't looked much like a heart shape.

Nothing to be sad about, I will try harder for my next habbit in mind!
She is so adorable that I am gonna make tones of it out of the bucket of new socks i have bought in town! Horray!

She is now ready to pose infront of the camera. ACTION!

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